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Biofluid Rapid Profile Viscometer (RPV)™       Whole Blood and Plasma Viscometer

The BioFluid Rapid Profile Viscometer is an automated device that measures the viscosity of fresh whole blood and blood plasma. Existing clinical viscosity measurement techniques use expensive, non-disposable, and labor intensive technology. The BioFluid device is superior by every measure - speed, safety, cost, and accuracy.

Whole Blood:  There is clinical evidence that elevated fresh blood viscosity is a risk factor in vascular disorders.  In just a few seconds the BioFluid Viscometer can generate a shear-rate dependent viscosity profile from a fresh blood sample.  The test emulates in-vivo shear rates and flow conditions throughout the vasculature. Thus it is possible to analyze the risk of vascular symptoms based on the measure of blood viscosity at the range of shear rates prevalent in that organ.  For example, the viscosity profile can predict the amount of intermittent claudication in peripheral vascular disease and angina pectoris in cardiovascular disease.


Blood plasma:  Initially the BioFluid Viscometer might replace existing plasma viscometry technology; 200,000 such tests are estimated to be conducted each year in the U.S. to monitor hyperviscosity disorders.  In addition, plasma viscosity has been shown to be superior to erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) in diagnosis of inflammation and rheumatic disease, and in distinguishing functional and organic causes of disease.  An estimated 40 million ESRs are performed annually in the U.S. at a cost of more than $120 million per year.  The ESR is a slow, inaccurate and old-fashioned test that exposes the lab technician to blood handling risks.  The BioFluid Viscometer is fast, precise, and safe. should plasma viscosity testing ultimately replace ESR.

Application of Viscometry in COVID-19:  A working point-of-care model has been developed that can be used in the ICU to monitor coagulopathy and hyper-immune response.  This device can aid in the treatment of severely ill COVID-19 patients.  It is small, portable, utilizes no reagents.  It’s quick, repeatable, uses a low sample volume, and demonstrates ease of use.  The BioFluid Viscometer can serve as a companion test in evaluating the response to anticoagulants and anti-inflammatory agents.

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